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KNOW him!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Michael Jackson Conspiracy - What You Didn't Hear

Thank God for Aphrodite Jones.. a woman who listened to the voice of her conscience and decided to rebel against the mainstream role she was meant to play as a media reporter. Like all members of the media who went on a frenzy to cover the Michael Jackson 2005 trial, she went there under the influence that Michael Jackson is guilty and that the deeper she could drag him into the mud, the greater the value of her coverage will be. But what she saw inside that courtroom changed her outlook 180 degrees. She came face to face with the real man and she saw the network of vampires who were after his blood. Listen to her talk about her experience here:

And watch her Michael Jackson TV special tomorrow at 10 pm on Investigation Discovery Channel. (Re-run 1:00 am Friday, April 30)

Aphrodite Jones also told the full story of the 2005 trial in her book MICHAEL JACKSON CONSPIRACY which is available on Amazon.


  1. God bless Aphrodite Jones for what she has done and will continue to do for our sweet angel.I've posted the whole documentary on the blog for the advantage of those that haven't seen it,read the book or just need to know and understand what really went thru in that courtroom in a simpler way.

  2. Thank you, dear Jessica. This is a great idea. I believe it becomes our responsibility to promote the few works which tell the truth. Jones had to self-publish her book because no publisher wanted a pro-MJ book. (I know you know this, but I want to share the info with others.) Now we also have this documentary which can be easily shared on the internet. What remains is to bring it to people's attention.


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